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Mal:Innfelt initial

Fra Wikikilden

Denne malen brukes til å lage en innfelt initial, som er vanlig i både gammel og moderne typografi:

Brukt med parametrene {{innfelt initial|L|2.4em|0em|.05em}} i et avsnitt med Times New Roman-tekst.



{{innfelt initial|bokstav(er)|skriftstørrelse|toppmarg|høyremarg|bunnmarg|venstremarg}}.

The font-size parameter and margin value parameters should be specified with relative units, i.e. as a percent or in 'en' or 'em' units.

Ingen av parametrene er nødvendige; standarden er

  • bokstav = A
  • skriftstørrelse = 3em
  • høyremarg = .1em

Which should produce a drop initial approximately the height of two lines in the current Wikisource default font.

Note: Fonts can be rendered slightly differently in different browsers and
  on different operating systems. You may wish to check your work in
  Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera or other
  web browsers on different computers to ensure that the text wraps around
  the initial in the way you expect it to if you are not using the default values.

Typography Notes


If you simply need to have an enlarged initial in a text, which is not dropped below the baseline, use the template {{stor initial}}:

Lorem ipsum sit amet...

Technical Notes


This template simply generates a left-floated div containing content with the proper CSS styles applied to it. Unfortunately the CSS 3 styles specifically directed at formatting drop initials are not implemented in browsers at this point. In planning for the future this template applies a class "dropinitial" to the output div.